Lessons From The Dogged Dog

Dora is my nine pound poodle. We make quite a pair.

My wife studies her ways and points them out to me. When Dora wants to eat, poop, play or sleep she lets you know it. She engages us with her eyes and posture. She paws and pokes. She stands nearby until her need is addressed.

No question, we indulge her. But, on the same note, she models “dogged” determination to me.

I don’t know about you, but being “dogged” determined is something that I could exhibit a bit more of as it relates to contributing to our team.

Pressing a little harder to achieve a goal or continuing to attack a persistent hassle sometimes takes another hour, day or week before giving up. It comes down to whether I am “dogged” enough to persist.

I ran across a quote this week:

“Don’t start because it’s easy. Start because it’s worth trying. Don’t stop because it’s hard. Stop because you’ve tried your best.”

“Dogged” individuals aren’t daunted by tough challenges. “Dogged” individuals try longer than most others.

Would others describe you as “dogged”?


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